Sustainable Leadership - From Cliché to Crucial

The world wants what Saskatchewan produces. The demand for products from mining, agriculture, and energy sectors allows Saskatchewan's economy to thrive. Saskatchewan has become a top player on the global stage by sustaining its competitive advantage through its innovation, strong community resilience, and its ability to adapt. This economic atmosphere sets the stage for Saskatchewan's long-term growth.

The Leadership Conference series has highlighted such topics as finding your competitive edge, the importance of trust, generational differences, leadership styles and the role of conversation to help us articulate and share ideas about leadership.

Under the auspices of the theme "Sustainable Leadership - From Cliché to Crucial" the 2015 Leadership Conference will showcase Saskatchewan leaders' knowledge and expertise, as well as celebrate Canadian perspectives and practices on sustainable leadership. In doing so, we will support Saskatchewan's place as a leader in Canada and worldwide. The Leadership Conference promotes forward thinking, innovation, community outreach, and governance towards our School's goal of developing business professionals to build nations.

The Leadership Conference 2015 Offers:

Keynote Speakers: Naheed Nenshi (Mayor, City of Calgary), Emechete Onuoha (Chief Innovation Officer, Xerox Canada), and Jim Hopson (President & CEO, Saskatchewan Roughriders)

Spring Forward: Grandey Leadership Luncheon: Features the 2015 Grandey Leadership Honouree: Dallas Howe (Chief Executive Officer, DSTC Ltd.)

President's Panel: Moderated by Edwards School of Business Dean, Daphne Taras with Chief Darcy Bear (Chief, Whitecap Dakota First Nation), Lillas Hatala (Executive Director, Integrative Leadership International Ltd) and Stewart Hanlon (President & CEO, Gibson Energy) 

Conference Background:

Edwards School of Business is pleased to add another event to its annual line-up. The Leadership Conference, formerly of the University's Centre for Continuing and Distance Education, will be hosted by Edwards School of Business starting this March 18th. 

The conference promotes forward thinking, innovation, community outreach, and governance and is a natural fit with the Edwards School's mission to develop business professionals to build nations. 

The new home for the conference also brings an interesting change in format. The event will shift to a one-day schedule at a reduced rate, and will include the Spring Forward: Grandey Leadership Luncheon, keynote speakers, and a President's Panel moderated by Dean Daphne Taras.